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Jumaat, 23 Disember 2011

As the years passed by....

Year 1998, Miri..my children, they were growing-up and always happy!

My beloved taken in 2004, in Johor Bahru.

At 4624 Taman Perwira in Ulu Kinta 1982

Just had another child and five of us were such a happy family then!

Rabu, 21 Disember 2011

Hari Raya 2010 di Ipoh

Alangkah indahnya hidupku dimasa itu.

Salam sayang,
kerana takdir kita disatukan...
kerana ketentuan kita terpisah jauh...
Ada senyuman dalam sembilu, ada tangisan dalam haruman,
biar diriku tiada lagi makna...
Biar diriku tiada lagi diingati..
Sehingga mataku terpejam rapat..
senyumanmu dan kasihku terhadapmu tetap utuh di hatiku..
Hanya dirimu cinta hatiku...

Selasa, 22 November 2011

My princess

Ahad, 20 November 2011

Happier times...

The smiles are the only souvenirs I have of days that used to be....

..with our first grand-child, at Genting Highland

Having our lunch together whilst doing our pilgrimmage in 2003

Together fishing at the sea-side in Batu Ferringhi, Penang in 1990

She really is so beautiful whenever she laughs, so cute and pretty!

Always together..then!

One of the lovely outings, were occasionally fed lavishly by our generous children

Posed together for future rememberance at the basement of KL Tower

Enjoying our food whilst visiting a very close friend at Taman Cuepac

Khamis, 10 November 2011

in retrospect

Sept 2011, immediately after our Aidil Fitri solat at our mosque!

Sometimes in 2005 at PICC Putrajaya, dining out for our PM!

Somewhere in 1971, she was fresh out from school and entering the real-world and to face the many challenges ahead of her. I met her somewhere around this era too, happened to be the most beautiful girl that I ever met.

Selasa, 8 November 2011

Remembering the good old memories...

We were blissfully wedded on the 29th October 1973

Enjoyed many outings together as a happy family, this was at Waterfall in Ulu Kinta.

We had our holidays as a happy family, this was at Langkawi.

We enjoyed our food together whilst on an outing as a family.

How happy a man can be with a beautiful wife as his companion for life!!

Blissful moment with the one you love inside a cable car enjoying the beautiful scenery from under the sky!

Two cute grandchilds kissing their grandma affectionately, make grandma so happy and full of love!

Grandma cried not in sadness but was deeply touched by the gestures and prizes received during her 57th birthday!

Ahad, 6 November 2011

Some beautiful memories

Remembering the beautiful times we shared....

My elder sister wore the wedding ring to my beloved wife on the 29th Oct 1973 at 1600hrs.

By late 1979 we were blessed with two beautiful princess,
both inheriting their beauties from their mother too.

I was always ready for the joy ride for them whenever I was home!

Sometimes the load was too excessive and accidents did occur!

By 1996 they were all grown ups....felt only yesterday they were riding on my backs!

In 2011, we are still a big happy family. And life has got to go on.....